"Oh My .... A rose at the doorstep
Who left this rose for me?
I don't see anyone
Just who could it be?"

"Who went into my yard
And picked a pretty rose?"
I have a garden full of them
Heaven only knows

But this one lays at my front door
This one, red rose, I found
"It didn't just get there by itself
But, not one person is around!"

And then I hear a giggle
By the side of the house
Oh, she tried to be so quiet
As quiet as a mouse

Running to me, laughing,
"I did Mommy,
I picked that rose for you"
I didn't let on ....
I already knew

A yard full of roses I had
I could pick roses everyday
But this one was different
So, I put it away

Between pages of a storybook
this rose I gently pressed
Because, you see ....
It would always be more special
than all the rest

I look at that rose with tears in my eyes
She's not a little girl anymore
But I remember, as if it were just yesterday
I found this rose, at the door

This page I send, to you, my daughter
And it's not just about roses and giggles
and storybooks too
It's about My Little Girl All Grown Up
And How Very Much I Love You.....

Kathryn Sunday Davis

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