I remember from years ago
Sitting on Grandma's lap
I was just a child
She would talk of yesterday
Her words were sweet and mild

She spoke of when she was small
Her Grandmother
putting my Grandma on her lap too
And spoke of the good old days
I guess that's just what Grandmas do

My children with their Grandma
Upon her lap they would sit
with a smile on their face
Talking about long ago
With Grandma's sweet embrace

And round about the stories go....
Now I put my gand-babies on my lap
And speak of days long ago...
Funny things, I tell them, and they laugh

And Grandmas make cookies and
give special hugs
Wipe away tears
And talk about past years

They listen to your silly jokes
Play games and always let you win
I guess that's just what Grandmas do
Since time began

For All The
Special Grandmothers
Who Have Set Their little ones
On Their Lap And Tell Stories
Of Yesterday Long Ago....

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