Into each of our lives
a little rain will fall
It will stop sooner or later
Maybe this or that got away from us
But we can always look around
and find something greater

Today may have been kind of bad
Well, tomorrow will bring a new dawn
Just remember this.......
Life goes on

Don't look back.....
Yesterday is already gone
Just make today happy
Because you know.....
Life will still go on

Do you feel like you always
get knocked down
Is that the conclusion you have drawn
You know you can pick yourself up
Because life goes on

And even with life still going on
I'm your friend and you're mine too
You're not alone.......
I'm right here with you

So, no matter what gets thrown at us
We can stand against stormy weather
Yes, life goes on
But, our life goes on....

Revised 11/10/08
Kathryn Sunday Davis

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