Painting Roses/Good Morning/Special Greetings For Special People

She comes before daybreak
Before morning rush
Takes out her colors
And little paintbrush

'Cause, every rose in the night
While it's still dark
Loses its color
There's not even a mark

Little butterfly fairy
Does this, you see
From rose to rose she goes
On a painting spree

It's a very important job
Because....Oh Dear....
If she didn't paint the roses
They would only be clear

Then in the daytime
When we are none the wiser
Out comes the butterfly
He's the supervisor

Looking over each rose
Not missing a one
He's never upset
Because the job's well done

So, when you see a butterfly
About the roses, fluttering around
He's busy checking her work
So, don't make a sound

Okay...It sounds silly
This little story from me
But sometimes...
Silly is fun......
Now, don't you agree?

Good Morning!!

Copyright 11/21/03
Kathryn Sunday Davis

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Artwork By
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