I am someone's grandchild
I sometimes don't know what to do
Grandmothers are so wonderful
I have not one but two

However, with Grandma and Grandma
That's the same
It does get a little confusing
And I could never call them by their name

I thought what I might do
'cause I'm just a kid that's quite normal
One could be Grandma "Jones"
the other Grandma "Smith
But, I just think that sounds too formal

Then I came upon an idea
I could have a Grandma and Nana too
Each title would be theirs alone
And I am very blessed to have both
This is true

It's an honor to have these wonderful
ladies in my life
I think I came up with the perfect solution
Now when I speak of either one
There is no longer any confusion

What's in a name or a title
Really, that's not what counts
It's the love we share with our families
That should pour out in large amounts

Grandma, Nana, Granny, Mamaw,
Grand Mama......
No matter the title we use
It's the special love that they give
you can never measure
So many people no longer
have even one
It is a blessing to have two Grandmothers
Both of them I treasure

© Revised 9/5/08
Kathryn Sunday Davis

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