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Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight
Hello Kathryn,

It has been a long time but I have finally found my way back to your beautiful site. I let my site just sit for many years but am now slowly rebuilding it again.

I miss the wonderful friendships shared by so many of us years ago but the world seems to be always changing and sometimes we struggle to keep up. Nice to see some of the beautiful things (like "A Dream And A Smile") are still there.

Will try to get back soon to catch up on more of your beautiful pages.
23 February 2022 - Brisbane, Australia
Jean Bass |
Oh Kathryn you did it again. What a beautiful friendship poem you have written.
31 December 2021 - Florida
Jean Bass |
It has been so long since I have read your beautiful and loving poems. Thank you for sharing your poems with us.
7 October 2021 - Florida
Carol Barton |
Love this poem. You are such a gifted poet and your poems lift people's spirits. We go back a long ways and I am so glad for the happiness and love you found. Love you
7 October 2021 - Texas
Roberta Gronbach |
I enjoy your site very much. Youo have something for every one. Gods Blessings to you. Bertie
5 June 2021 - Iowa
HazelBauerbach |
Thank you so much for all your work in all the good poems and messages.Merry Christmas.
25 December 2020 - Caldell,Ohio
Joan Payne |
So glad to see you are back again. Your poems, artwork (and music when I catch it), is great! Also like spending time on the games.
This world is in chaos, but your messages are uplifting.
8 May 2020 - Florida
Hazel Bauerbach |
I enjoy your messages so much. do not get all poems read everyday but enjoy what I do.Thanks for all your hard work.
8 May 2020 - Caldwell,Ohio
Carol Barton |
So glad to see you back. Missed you. I've sent messages to your old email address and heard nothing from you. Great picture and glad you shared. All my love, Carol
7 February 2020 - Texas
Oh Kathryn!! It is so nice to have you back. We missed you. Congrats on your marriage and thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding picture. I can't wait to see all of your new pages.
God bless,
7 February 2020 - USA
Beverly |
Enjoy you recipes.
28 December 2017 - Raleigh, NC
Lynette Dillon |
What a lovely site you have created. I have not seen everything yet, LOL! I am working on it. I am sure I subscribed, I keep forgetting things these days.

Many thanks for happy viewing - Lyn
19 March 2017 - Australia
Wonderful site!
22 July 2016 - USA
22 October 2015 - Indy
Shy |
Dear Kathryn
Your website is such a blessing to me each time I come here. God has really blesses you with a gift of writing and beauty. Thank you dear for sharing with the world.
We love you and all that you do and stand for. God bless and keep you by His grace!
16 September 2015 - North Carolina
Thank you for the beautiful uplifting words you write! Such beauty and love!
God bless you darlin'!
25 July 2015 - USA
Shelby Jean Turner |
Your pictures are the most beautiful that I have ever seen my favorite is the Victorian Days. I love
Starting my emails with A beautiful picture. Also, your poetry. You are very skilled with your words.
I thank you for sharing.

Shelby Jean
23 July 2015 - Audubon Park, New Jersey
lee neadow |
to get your a dream site
6 July 2015 - united states
Jane Ward Smith |
I've been away too long but glad to be back and read some of your wonderful poems. I want you to know I am always bessed by your friendship and love which have meant so much thrugh the years. God bless you. Love, Jane
29 May 2015 - Brewton, Al
margarette Blakeborough |
I absolutely love your site. thank you for sharing
17 May 2015 - New Zealand

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