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Thank You, Kathryn

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Beverly |
Enjoy you recipes.
28 December 2017 - Raleigh, NC
Lynette Dillon |
What a lovely site you have created. I have not seen everything yet, LOL! I am working on it. I am sure I subscribed, I keep forgetting things these days.

Many thanks for happy viewing - Lyn
19 March 2017 - Australia
Wonderful site!
22 July 2016 - USA
22 October 2015 - Indy
Shy |
Dear Kathryn
Your website is such a blessing to me each time I come here. God has really blesses you with a gift of writing and beauty. Thank you dear for sharing with the world.
We love you and all that you do and stand for. God bless and keep you by His grace!
16 September 2015 - North Carolina
Thank you for the beautiful uplifting words you write! Such beauty and love!
God bless you darlin'!
25 July 2015 - USA
Shelby Jean Turner |
Your pictures are the most beautiful that I have ever seen my favorite is the Victorian Days. I love
Starting my emails with A beautiful picture. Also, your poetry. You are very skilled with your words.
I thank you for sharing.

Shelby Jean
23 July 2015 - Audubon Park, New Jersey
lee neadow |
to get your a dream site
6 July 2015 - united states
Jane Ward Smith |
I've been away too long but glad to be back and read some of your wonderful poems. I want you to know I am always bessed by your friendship and love which have meant so much thrugh the years. God bless you. Love, Jane
29 May 2015 - Brewton, Al
margarette Blakeborough |
I absolutely love your site. thank you for sharing
17 May 2015 - New Zealand
Jane Ward Smith |
It's been a while since I stopped by to be blessed by your shares. I wasn't disappointed and stayed a while to enjoy. Hope you are well and enjoying life. God bless you sweet friend. Love, Jane
27 March 2015 - Brewton, Al
Carolle |
My friend Leina just sent me a poem.

Thank God for her. Her positive motivation is helping me.
19 March 2015 - Hawaii
Jane Ward Smith |
I needed a lift today so stopped by again and saw an older newsletter and there it was "The Lovely Violin" with beautiful music and sentiments which I enjoyed and sent to friends. Thanks for a bright thought today. Keep up the good work. :-) Jane
6 March 2015 - Brewton, Al.
Jane Ward Smith |
I kept reading your poems and found "Missing You" which I loved. I especially enjoyed the music you used as it reminds me of poems I wrote and the same music was added to make me smile. So I smiled again today after a long period of sadness after my son's recent death. It is good to smile again. Thanks. Love, Jane
4 March 2015 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
A Gentle Good Morning was perfect for how I feel this morning. Touch me gentle with your love and smile so I awaken to a new day filled with hope anew that life is precious so make the best of it while you can. Thanks for reminding me. Hope your day is going well. Love, Jane
4 March 2015 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
I came again to your site knowing I would be blessed and sure enough I was. The music on Magical Friendship reminded me of the first poem you helped me put on the internet and many times afterward when you taught me so many things. Once again I want to thank you for your friendship and all the ways you have befriended me. God bless you and have a wonderful day. Love, Jane
18 February 2015 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
I felt the need to come by again and be fed spiritually. It is always a pleasure to see what you are offering. I always am blessed and was not disappointed today. "Wings of a Dove" was a special blessing as was "Friends Song"as well. The scripture was what I needed today. God bless you sweet friend. Love, Jane
17 February 2015 - Brewton, Al.
Jane Ward Smith |
Hope your day has gone well these cold winter days. I've been keeping busy to lessen the pain of My son's death New Years Day. Sudden death takes your spirit away and hard to understand why a young man should be carried home. I miss the thought of him and his sweet loving concern for those he loved. Keep us in your prayers. Love, Jane
10 February 2015 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
I came by again today and enjoyed "Sentimental Lady" among others. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart. Always a blessing to come by and see what you offer. Have a wonderful day. :-) Jane
31 January 2015 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
I visit you site this morning and was blessed by what I read. "Still Here" was a true blessing. I still remember my sweet husband who went home nearly twenty years ago and now our son who went home New Years Day this year. Gone too soon it seems but I know God knows best and I bend to His Will. I also enjoyed the "Relax" and find myself taking a mind trip seeing those faces I loved and look forward to meeting again in heaven.Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, neice and nephews as well friends. Thanks for blessing me this morning. Jane
28 January 2015 - Brewton, Al

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