This Is Cinder/Smls


Don't be fooled by that cute little face
I will tell you the truth about this cat
It is fluffy and furry and purrs......
Just before you get attacked!!

Now when Cinder was just a kitten
The cutest one in the bunch
Little did we know this kitten
Would one day try and have...
Our feet for LUNCH!

We could walk past Cinder
Thinking little kitty was asleep
And just as we were out of kitty's reach,
(so we thought)
This cat would fly out of their bed
in one giant leap!

Claws into the ankle
AND teeth into the foot
One loud yell....
Just about then...
Kitty had our toe!

I'm telling you that cute face is a con
Full of deceit!!!
You can have the cat
You can have your feet
Not BOTH!!

But it's my Daughter's cat
A gift.....
I felt sorry for her
I thought, wouldn't it be nice
'Cause she lived alone
After a long day at work ...
To have a sweet little cat waiting at home

Well, she has a cat waiting at home
It is not.....
AND ... I repeat...
NOT Sweet...
But...She loves her pet
She walks around with bandages on her feet

Now maybe this cat is just a little mad at us
Because when I gave it to her
She named her new little kitten...

But, after a trip to the vet
We found out that we had a

For the whole first month we thought
He was a She....
That is so sad
Poor cat...
I guess it's our fault
That would make anybody mad!!

Copyright 2003
Kathryn Sunday Davis

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