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and will come back
for another visit, soon!
Thank You, Kathryn

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Sheryl Snow | |
I dedicate this to my father, W. T. Clark who served in the US Army Air Corp in WWII in the Burma Arena. He was truly a member of the "greatest generation" and I miss him! I'm so proud of him and his service to our beloved country.
11 November 2008 - United States
Marie |
Thank you for this beautiful site, I am sure I will be enjoying it often.
11 November 2008 - NC
Hazel Freson |
This is a very nice thn=ing you are doing as I enjoy every thing that you send. Thank You
10 November 2008
Doug Scott
10 November 2008 - LOUISVILLE,KY
Jean Roy |
Dear Kathryn.
I just found this site and I must say that it is one of the greatest & loving places to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being & caring.
9 November 2008 - Tucson, Arizona
Carolyn Mcpherson | |
I have just learned of your website from a friend. So far I have enjoyed what I have seen. God Bless you and keep up the good work.
8 November 2008 - Norwood, NC
Fern |
6 November 2008 - Mississauga/Canada
lisa |
what a beautiful card. I often said if i only had a brain myself!! hugs, lisa
5 November 2008 - Bethel, CT
Bill Hearn |
A Dream and a Smile was sent to me from a friend. What a lovely card. Really enjoyed the card and the message.
5 November 2008 - USA
Oh Kathryn, Carol sent me your Hug Game so I'm sending you lots of hugs right back. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all. I love your site and the work you do to put the pages together.
5 November 2008 - Florida
Just-Me Dolly |
What a beautiful web site you have here.
Awesome cards that I can send to all of my friends and family.
Thank You Very Much.
Hugs & Smiles
Just-Me Dolly
4 November 2008
Will | |
Thanks for the great start for my day and many others.
4 November 2008 - Scappoose, Oregon
Joanne | |
Thank you for this great site. I received it from an e-mail pal.
2 November 2008 - Swansea, SC
Penny Corbett |
This is fantastic. Great job.
1 November 2008 - Lancaster, CA
Bobbi Carroll |
Kathryn, I do so enjoy your beautiful site. THANK YOU. Sometimes after I read the poem, I just sit and knida' meditate, and try to absourb the beauty of the picture and enjoy the music.
Til next time take care and be blessed.
1 November 2008 - No. California
David Adams |
Kathryn, your pages are a pleasure to paruse, which I look forward to eachday. Your contributing artist a a wonderful and very talened group of folk, which is easily understood....it's long been said that 'Birds of a feather...'

love your material Kathryn,
David Danil
1 November 2008 - Palmdale, Ca
Dianne Perry-Hill |
May God be with you and have a great day.
30 October 2008 - USA
margaret nelson |
I love this site
29 October 2008 - vidor texas 77662
Maggie |
I loved your page on Daylight Savings Time! Very cute!
29 October 2008 - Ontario, Canada
teresa donahue |
I really like this! My sister introduced me to your site and I sure am glad she did
29 October 2008 - USA

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