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Thank You, Kathryn

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connie belcher | |
the cards are some of the most spirit lifting i have ever seen!!!~THANKS FOR SHARING THEM!!
1 December 2009 - Cowpens,S.C.
Donald Lessard |
What a wonderful Websight.
30 November 2009 - Maanchester Ct.
michele day |
29 November 2009 - FROM LENOIR, NC
Cali Oliver | |
Dear Kathryn
I love your site It is truly beautiful
May you have a Happy Holidays and I am so glad you are better
27 November 2009 - Fl
Josie Banks |
Kathryn, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family. May your gathering together in love and fellowship be blessed with much peace and happiness. I want to thank you for sharing all the beautiful cards, encouraging words, and wishes towards us, your viewers. May God continue to let HIS blessings be with you...Love & prayers...Josie
26 November 2009 - Brookshire, Texas
Judy |
Really enjoy your site.
23 November 2009 - San bernardino, CA
21 November 2009 - HAMMOND , INDIANA
Josie Banks |
Flowers from my childhood were beautiful then and still are, I love them. The poem was lovely. Thank you for sharing.....Josie
18 November 2009 - Brookshire, Texas
bertie brink |
i,m so happy your back,you have the loveliest cards,god bless you and yours,hugs,bertie
15 November 2009 - usa
cilisia |
Please newsletters

Thamk you
14 November 2009
Kiddo |
Love your site!
You always bring a smile to my face and brighten up my day.Keep it up.
God Bless you'all.
11 November 2009 - New Jersey
Hello Kathryn
It is so nice to see that you have your own site! I just LOVE IT!!!! I remember reading your poetry on Tara's Fun Pages a long time ago. When I didn't see you there anymore I thought you were no longer writing and then one day a friend sent me your SITE!!!!! How happy I was to see you again!
What a blessing you are! You give me many hours of pleasure reading your pages! THANK YOU for all you do!!
Love, Sarah
8 November 2009 - Maine
Jane Ward Smith |
Kathryn, I really enjoyed your poem, "Lost In Thought," which was so touching and the music set the poem off so well. You still have that magical touch with words sweet friend. I hope things are going well with you...I have been having a tough time for the past couple of years healthwise but am keeping on. God has blessed me through it all. Keep up the great work with this site. :-) Jane
30 October 2009 - Alabama
Josie Banks |
I just read the lovely poem on the beautiful card about--Hello 11 Friendship. ..Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. It is very up-lifting........Josie
30 October 2009 - Brookshire, Texas
Lorna Lynch |
Thank You, Kathryn, for your poem on cancer and having regular check-ups. It was at one of these check ups that my breast cancer was caught in a very early stage. After surgery and radiation, I've been doing great for three years and yes, I still get those regular check-ups.
I love your daily pages and prayed for your recovery, while you were in the hospital and recovering at home. May God Bless You for the Light You Bring to Others!!!
Love & Light,
30 October 2009 - Vancouver, WA
Janie |
Your page is awesome
28 October 2009
ruth |
what a delight to find such a beautifull site keep up your good work God Bless You All With HIS LOVE big hug from ruth with lve bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
27 October 2009 - England
faris |
thanks, cute liked the music.
20 October 2009
brenda holder |
Thank you for the beautiful cards on your site. You have a wonderful site.
16 October 2009 - Taft california
Josie Banks |
I just started getting your new pages today. I have a wonderful sister that put me in touch with you. Your cards and poetry and pictures are so heart-warming and beautiful, it makes my heart overflow. Thank you ever-so-much for sharing this kindrid spirit. Josie
15 October 2009 - Texas

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