Lil' Man

Why Are You Sad


You there, young one
I see eyes, that are sad
You're a child, with a full life ahead
With a heart, young and glad

You there, young one
What is this here
Upon your cheek
Do I see a tear?

Young one, you there, crying
Sitting by yourself, alone
Tis this life a burden?
You're not, even yet, grown

And then this young one
Begins to speak, as he looks at me ...
True, I am but still young
But, I am 'different' you see

The other children laugh
And call me names
They taunt and tease
And won't let me play in their games

I am slow and don't understand
My words are jumbled when I talk
My legs don't work just right
When I walk

In school, I am in a class
Called special education
When I grow up
College will not be a destination

And because I am slow
Things, I easily forget
With their sweet talking voices
They use trickery and wit

They get me to carry all their books
I do, aren't they my friend?
They have me running here and there
But, I think their friendship is pretend

They tell me ....
"Stand on the desk and bark"
No one speaks up, in my behalf
Then behind my back
They snicker and laugh

Oh, how I want to fit in
I do what they say
They make me look a fool
And I thought they were letting me play

Even the children younger than I
Try to kick and hit me too
I could hit and kick, I'm bigger
But, I might really hurt them, if I do
So ... I don't

Young one, I do see sadness
in your eyes
But, oh, young one
You are so wise

You are all grown now
And this is what I find
Tenderness and compassion
A young man, but still a child, in mind

Your heart is filled
With so much love
When you look at me, and see me sad
You come over and give a hug

When I needed help
To get something off a shelf
You've grown so much taller than me
"Let me get that, Mom,
you can't reach by yourself"

I looked outside
The snow was deep today
There you were shoveling our walk
Then, without being asked,
You cleaned the neighbor's driveway

But, more important than anything
You were taught, right from wrong
from the Bible, everyday
And now, you try and do
Everything the Lord's way

I am so proud
When I look at you
I know this ...
The Lord is too

God Bless You, Young One

Dedicated to my two sons
who are mentally challenged,
and to everyone that is challenged
mentally or physically.

As long as there is breath inside of me
NO ONE, will ever take advantage of my boys again.
And when I am gone, their sister and brother-in-law
hold the same conviction as I do.

Because, it matters not
how old these special people are
Someone will ALWAYS try to use them
to their own advantage.





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