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hariet pharoah |
this place is awsome. thank you for this wonderful place
23 November 2007 - Elk Wa
karen Bise |
I love going through your pages of sights to send, no matter what I'm looking for wether it be happy or for sad reasons I can always find the perfact poem from your sight ~

Thank You for alowing me to be a part of seeing your beautyin your sigh.
23 November 2007 - California
Sandra Bradley | |
Just wanted to tell you how much I like the sound you created on the new "Flame" page.
23 November 2007 - Alvin, Texas USA
Susan Fulcher |
What a wonderful site! I have really enjoyed it.
23 November 2007 - Idaho and Arizona
nikki |
Happy Thanksgiving to you Kathryn and your family!God Bless You All!
22 November 2007 - ca
A Great Big Happy Good Morning Kathryn.
Just had to come by and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for starting my day with your lovely morning cards and ending it with your night cards too. I just love all your poems and the graphics you use.Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all.
Have a Happy Fun Filled Day!
21 November 2007 - Florida
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Kathryn, thanks for sharing such lovely pages.. Sure do enjoy each time I enter the site.
Here tonight to wish you and your family a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
God bless!!
21 November 2007 - KY, USA
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for sending your pages and I hope all is well with you and your wonderful sons. Please say hello to them for me, I do hope they enjoy knowing that they have someone thinking of them on the other side of the world. If they ever get on the computer and would like to mail me I would certainly be pleased to reply.

As always I found your pages to be happy, thoughtful, inspiring and simply wonderful. You always have such a wonderful variety that it would be impossible if anyone didnít find something to enjoy from your site.

I thank you again for showcasing some of my own poems on your newsletter, it is a real honour to be added and I do appreciate that a great deal.

Thank you for your ongoing friendship and I pray that you will have a wonderful festive season that will soon be upon us.

Although we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, I do know just how important the day is for you.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you share the day with your family, giving thanks for all the good things that have been yours in the past.

Happy Thanksgiving.


20 November 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Jerry Cryer |
Enjoy getting cards and the sayings from each one. Keep up the good work
19 November 2007 - Moore Okla
Vianna | |
Hello; I just wanted to tell you how much I love your site. It is so beautiful. There are cards for every ocassion. GOD BLESS YOU Have a Safe and Wonderful Thanksgiving. Always Vianna
19 November 2007 - Linn Creek, Missouri
Red Bailey |
Dear Kathryn,
I think you and your sons are doing a wonderful job, working so hard to bring pleasure to others. May the Lord bless all of you.
Love & Prayers
18 November 2007 - Indian Trail, N.C
Carol Barton | |
Your poem "God, Why Am I So Different" is a beautifully written poem. It put tears in my eyes. It shows the kind of mother and person you are. Such pride and love shows through in the words you wrote. I takes a special person to teach, guide and love such special gifts and maybe that's why God sent them to you. Maybe they are sent here to teach us a lesson. Thank you for sharing this with us. It touched me deep inside.
Love and hugs,
17 November 2007 - Texas
Pastor Steve Rogers |
May God bless. Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless!
16 November 2007 - Buffalo, NY 14207
Tina | |
Hey there my true blue buddy!! :) I love the pages you send out! Can you tell which page I liked the best? lol I sent it to my true blue buddy and you know who you are. lol I sure do appreciate your friendship! I know I have been quiet lately. I just am not enjoying doing the things I usually do lately, like making web pages. Maybe I am burnt out for now. But it is nice to know I have a true friend who does not question my friendship in my quiet times. What a treasure you are to me!!! Thanks for being my friend!!!

Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!
16 November 2007 - TX
You have a very beautiful and inspirational site..I love it and send so many of the nice pages to some of the people that I love. I especially love your good morning songs and pictures...I like sending them at night to my friends who wake up in the morning and turn on their computers. The pictures you use are beautiful and remind me of the good old days when we used to send valentines. These pictures somewhat mimic them. Where do you get your pictures that you use? I love them....
14 November 2007
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Here I am again, calling by to catch up on all your great sends. You always have something that makes me smile, makes me think, or simply makes me reflect about what I should be. Thank you for your special pages, they really are a great pleasure to visit.

I must say thank you for using that image from one of the sets on my site, it always gives me pleasure to see them used and a special thank you for the link back. I also have to acknowledge you for linking some of my own pages on your newsletter, that is always very special and again it gives me much pleasure in knowing that you find them worthy of sharing.

Had to smile at La La State of mind, I think we all suffer from that affliction from time to time, but like you I wouldnít have it any other way.

Please say hi to your boys for me and let them know that someone on the other side of the world is thinking of them.

I donít know if Iíll be here before that, so in case I am not may I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving as you share that day with your family. I know it is a very special day for you all.

Thank you my friend and God bless

14 November 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Cocat |
What beautiful and inspiring cards you had in your newsletter today.
Thank you so much , what a nice start to my new day .
Good morning from South Africa.

Lots of light and energy to you
14 November 2007 - SOUTH AFRICA
Beulah |
Sweetie I just read your section Deeper Thoughts. You are one fantastic woman! Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I have a son who is bipolar and know first hand the highs and lows. Hang in there my friend.
Love your website.
13 November 2007 - Newton, Iowa USA
nikki |
Thank you Kathryn for all the greetings you make!Their so beautiful!Wishing you and your family a Happy Autumn!God Bless You All!
13 November 2007 - ca
Ruth |
I just found this site and I love it. I will be using it a lot. Thanks for your blessing.
10 November 2007 - California

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