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Thank You, Kathryn

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Glenna M. |
Oh Kathryn I wondered what had happen to you. I am so sorry you have been hurt.
I am happy that you are able to send our your wonderful pages again.
I have missed them very much.
Take care and may God bless you with many blessings.
5 June 2007 - Texas
Paula |
I am so happy to recieve such lovely pages from you . I am tied to a wheelchair and oxygen , so I admire people like you , who dont give in to disablement !!! I am off to my sons tomorrow for two weeks , so I have to lock my mailbox , just thought I'd let you know . Last time I was away it took me 3 weeks to answer my mail , I have so many lovely friends on here !!! Thank you for bringing such beauty into my life . Best love to you and yours .Be happy , Stay safe , Stay you.
I am proud to call you friend xxx
5 June 2007 - Scottish Borders
Alice Hofstra |
Dear Kathryn..My Friend just sent me this Cute Message about Good Morning and Always have a Good Breakfast because it is Very Important..:))))
Thanks for bring a Big Smile today as I'm going through Some Stress right Now..Always Nice to have a Great Site like this one to Cheer You Up!
I had to subscribe to your newsletter..Can't wait...Thanksa gain for Sharing Your Lovely Site!
God Bless Ally(Alice)
May The Angels Always Watch Over You In Your Sleep!
Have a Wonderful Saturday!
Love and Hugs :)))))
2 June 2007 - British Columbia
Shirley Day |
I love your site
24 May 2007 - USA
Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight | |
Hello Kathryn,

I hope you are feeling well and all is going great for you and your boys. Thanks for your pages as I always get a smile or two when I visit, along with other pages that simply make me stop and think for a while. I have a few of those people called “Not Me” living here, seems they live in almost every house I have ever been to. Don’t they have a home of their own to go to? I guess it would be too overcrowded for them though. Loved the poem and the graphics on “The Writing Desk”, did you make those graphics? That is a great image.

Hmm, a bubble bath, I wonder what Sharon would say seeing me immersed in a tub full of bubbles? Maybe I better not answer that. Your page “Thoughts Of You” conveys the feelings of many I am sure as we have friends from all over the world that we will not see until we meet them with the Lord. For now we keep them in our thoughts.

A very special thank you for including “A Special Angel” in your updates mail. I have poem in my next updates which I am sure you will identify with. Keep a look out for “Four In The Morning” which I will be sending out on about May 30th. Also thank you for the link on your updates mails.

Take care and give your boys a good old Aussie “Gudday” all the way from Down Under.

God bless

24 May 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Sharon Dew |
Hello A friend sent me a card from this site and I loved it its great thank you
23 May 2007 - Ohi o
23 May 2007 - TORONTO CANADA
nikki |
God Bless You Kathryn!You make the most wonderful and beautiful pages!The graphics and writings are beautiful!You are truly talented!Thank You for the sunshine!Nikki:)
21 May 2007 - ca
18 May 2007 - OHIO
Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for your pages and for a while I thought that another Mother’s Day might come around before I got a chance to view your beautiful pages. I was so far behind with everything after a really tough week and a half but I have bounced back to about 75% OK now. A good time to get some uplifting experience by visiting some of my friends beautiful pages that seem to have stockpiled.

Loved all your pages for Mother’s Day and it really is a very special day when everyone should do that little bit extra for their Mother. We had a great day with the whole family getting together as they spoilt their Mother and Grandmother.

Tina’s “A Gift For Momma” is simply awesome and I can see why tears rolled as those words were written. They truly are very special and a great poem in tribute of her precious Mother. Loved the beautiful photograph as well, I know Tina would treasure that image so much.

Smiled at Adelle’s page, “Really A Mom”. I think those comments are very truthful though.

Well, I opened your next updates with “Breakfast In Bed”. Been a long time since I have had that, so I’ll go with your idea and think about it. I guess getting up at 4.00 am each day makes it hard for anyone to catch me in bed to make breakfast for me.

Enjoyed “Spread Your Wings”, that is a really great friendship poem so all I’ll say is that I am happy to be one who would spread my wings with you my friend.

Please say hi to your boys for me, I seem to forget to mention them most of the time.

Take care my friend and God bless you always.

17 May 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
tony |
15 May 2007
nikki |
Loved all the pages today but,my mom doesn't have a email address so i cant send her greetings.I sent some to my friends though.Thank You and God Bless for sharing these beautiful greetings with me!:)
12 May 2007 - ca
Eddie - Dark Blue Knight | |
Hello Kathryn,

How are you, I am slowly catching up on many backdated updates I have been sent as the last couple of weeks haven’t been too good for me. Been going through a very low time but I don’t need to explain to you what that is like. A bit better today but still would like to be back to something like normal again.

Your pages certainly help lift my spirits. I started with “Basket Of Friendship” and that was great page to begin with. I really needed to read something like “Don’t Let Words”, as I have had a few unkind words thrown around about me as well so you made me realise they are only words and the ones I need to listen to are from my Lord and my friends. “Tranquil Sunset” is beautiful and “Sleep Tight” really has a special meaning today as I am badly in need of a good laugh and a good sleep. Had a lot of rain in my life, now I need some sun so I can “Slide Down The Rainbow” of friendship.

Thank you for brightening my day, it isn’t easy when you go downhill as you well know so I owe you a very big favour.

God bless you and have a Happy Mother’s Day.

11 May 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
SHY | |
Dear Kathryn,
Thank you for the latest poems and for all the time you spend making the pages and sending them out. I also want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day just in case I haven't yet. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you.

Yours in Christ, Shy

11 May 2007 - North Carolina
Tina | |
Hello my friend! :)

Thank you for a beautiful day! I enjoyed our visit soooo much! You turned my rain into a rainbow and chashed the clouds away! These pages are sooo beautiful as always! I don't know how you get them out there sooo fast. lol You make a lot of pages and I sure do enjoy them all! Thanks soooo much for being my friend!! I love ya, GF!!

10 May 2007 - TX
nikki |
A lot of depression lately but,your pages cheer me up!THANK YOU !GOD BLESS!
10 May 2007 - ca
Abilene | |
Hi there Kathryn, you really do have a beautiful home on the web! It felt beautiful reading some of your poems: Sentimental Lady and Magic Box. You have some nice graphics. I like your roses. God bless you!
img src=http://static1.grsites.com/user/folders/etcabilene782781/button867105.jpg
10 May 2007 - Hawaii
Shy | |
Dear Kathryn,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful new pages with me. I also enjoyed the ones by Southbreeze, Carol and Tina. Your site is so inspirational and a joy to visit.

7 May 2007 - North Carolina
Joan | |
Hi Kathryn, You have one of the most beautiful sites I have seen in a while . Love your graphics. I also love your poems that appear as well as the music . Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing with me! May your troubles be less, your blessings more,
and nothing but happiness come through your door!

5 May 2007 - Tennessee
terry |
thanks for being the best friend any one could ask for
1 May 2007 - new jersey

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