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Your site is just beautiful. I just joined today and I love it already
10 August 2007
Allene Miller | |
A very beautiful site , thanks
3 August 2007 - Louisiana
Carol Grisham |
Kathryn...thanks for your beautiful site. I am so blessed to recieve it. Haven't seen so much beauty, inspiration and smiles on a site in a lon long time. God bless you and yours, and keep up the good work!!
3 August 2007
Shirley Burton |
3 August 2007 - Oxford, Indiana
Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight | |
Hello Kathryn,

Hope you all are keeping well and enjoying your summer. As always I have to catch up on quite a few pages at one time as I seem to get further behind each week. If I get any further behind it will be still June or July for me as I don’t know what happened to those two months, they just sped past so quickly.

As I do every time I always get a smile from your Smiles pages and love your Friendship pages as well but I do have to say that your Inspirational pages always give me something to think about.

I really do thank you for not only including my link on your newsletters but also showcasing one of my poems again. (The River)

Please say hi to your two boys for me and know that I am always keeping you all in my prayers. Hope to get more of my own pages out this weekend.

Thank you my friend.

God bless

3 August 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Joan | |
Dear Kathryn, Just want to let you know I enjoy my visit to your site. Your poem Morning Rose is beautiful. You have may poems that touch my heart. May you always be covered in God's pure love!
With love and Hugs Joan
31 July 2007 - Tennessee
nikki |
I love all the pages you make!Your such an inspiration!Thank you for the sunshine and rainbows!Being mentally ill isn't easy!But with special friends like you it makes life worthwhile!Thank you so much for everything!God Bless You!
28 July 2007 - ca
Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thanks for all your pages that you have sent, it seems that I always get behind in viewing them then have a great list to go through at once but it is always worthwhile to call in and view your pages. They never cease to be inspirational or bring a smile, share friendship or perhaps just make one think.

I really loved “If I Call You Friend”, both the verse and the stunning Graphics you have used for that page, that really is an awesome web set. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy all the others, just those graphics really were something special. Your message in “Love Never Fails” is so very true and how I wish that we could all live in peace and harmony with each other. We can only pray that one day we will no longer be surrounded by hatred but a love for each other.

Thank you for the link to my page “Just Hold On”, and the link to my site, I really do appreciate that and I do hope that people do enjoy visiting.

I hope you are enjoying your summer while those of us down in the Land Down Under are shivering through our cold winter. Well I guess it is cold for us anyway although today is a lovely day with the sun shining brightly.

Take care my friend and say hello to your two boys for me please.

God bless

20 July 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Betty Appleton AKA;;;;;;CATLADY1937 | |
I just love your sight. Everything I have looked at and read is just beautiful. Keep up the good work. I was very impressed with your letter on bipolar, as I have a nephew who has it, and he has a really hard time getting through a day sometimes. Thank you for such a wonderful sight. Betty
19 July 2007 - Warsaw,New York
nikki |
Im so sorry for your loss!Sending many special prayers for you!Thank You for sharing your pages and thoughts with me!Thank You for the rainbows and sunshine!God Bless you and your family!
19 July 2007 - ca
Tina |
Hello my precious friend! :) Your pages are always sooo lovely! I always enjoy my visit to your site each and everytime!! Thanks soooooo much for all the links my way! Thanks for adding my first newsletter for my new site today. You are such a wonderful friend, you know that? I am ever grateful that we became friends! You just bring so much sunshine to me!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! You are a special person to me and to soooo many others!! I enjoyed our chat on the phone today!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 July 2007 - TX
Jimmy Wainright |
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. My wife, Jimmie, has told me of your site and inspirational messages. I really like and would like for you to add me to your email listing.

17 July 2007 - Valdosta Georgia
Golden |
I love the Positive Thinking poem. What a great idea!!! If I can just learn to look at other things with the same idea in mind, I'll have a great day every day. Thanks for sharing this.
16 July 2007 - Covington, Virginia
louise oconnor | |
dear kathyran.you are a very talented lady i stumbled onto your site this morning!!i am a cancer patient and your lord touched hands have such beautiful words!you graphics are unbelieable!may our father bless you tenfold!!!your site lets me leave mine for awile and for that i thank you so very much.prayers and angel dust to you!!
16 July 2007 - indiana
15 July 2007 - U.S.A.
Ann Marie |
Hello again Kathryn, I finally had a few minutes to relax & visit your site. As always, it has been a treat. My favorite was, "Sea Horses" It was so refreshing that I could almost feel the spray of sea water. Tina did a lovely job on, "I'll Praise You" and Huggy Bear from Spirit's Up was a smile maker. I have loved my visit & look forward to next time. Blessings Dear One.
13 July 2007 - Alabama, USA
Ralph E. Granados | |
Dear Kathryn,
Ever sence I found this site and loged on, I have seen and read some of the most beautiful cards. They are just beautiful, I have sent some to my Daughter and I have met a very beautiful lady on a christian site that lives miles apart, but we talk and communicate almost every day, She just loves recieving nice beautiful cards I send. You have a very outstanding selection and there so beautiful. God Bless You.
13 July 2007 - California, USA
Dark Blue Knight~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

It’s been ages since I called by although you would know what it is like when things get you down so I do not need to explain why. I have been having a tough few weeks but hopefully I have turned the corner once again.

I haven’t heard (or I missed it), but I hope your leg has now healed completely and is no longer a problem for you.

As always your pages make me think, smile, laugh and reflect. You always have a great variety of content that covers most occasions. I also like the way you have built index pages for each section as that sure makes it easy to find specific pages.

A very special Thank You for the links to my pages "Forgiveness" and What If? ; I really do appreciate you mentioning me and having links in your newsletter.

A special hello to your two boys and hope they are both doing great.

Thank you my friend and God bless you always.

10 July 2007
Ann Marie |
Good Morning Sweet Kathryn, I have just finished reading your latest send-out & I wanted to tell you that your whole site is filled with Sunshine Kisses. It was a wonderful way to start out my day. God Bless Sweet Friend.
8 July 2007 - Alabama, USA

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