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Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Itís been so long since I stopped by and signed your Guest Book and I have in fact spent quite a while catching up on a lot of your updates pages as I have fallen so far behind with viewing those that have been sent from my many friends.

As always I truly enjoy my visit here as it has something for all moods, a smile, a time for reflection and just things to enjoy. Your pages and graphics are always so well done. I have to congratulate you on that.

Thank you also for all the links you have provided to pages on my site, that is truly appreciated and I hope to send another updates mail out in the next few days.

So sorry to hear of your problems getting your newsletter out, how I wish that there was an easy answer to those who choose to send so much rubbish through e-mails it causes people to have to take all sorts of measures to stop them and even then you still get some that get through. Wouldnít it be a much better world without that sort of rubbish arriving in our mail boxes?

Please say hello to your sons for me and although it has been a long time I havenít forgotten my friends.

Take care and God bless

29 October 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Joyce Fisher |
We have a 15 year old girl in our church who is a vary active christian. Last week she was operated on for a hugh tumer on her adrenal gland. They could not take it out as it was too vascular so will put chemo in a tube inside her. We are all praying for her to recover. Does not look well. She is a angle now and maybe God wants her but we know her family will miss her so if this takes her from them. I love the poem you wrote about how cancer takes people and wanted to send it to her but she has no computer and I cannot print it because of your wishes. Maybe you could send me a special poem for her. Her name is Amy. God bless you and your works. Joyce Fisher
28 October 2007 - Council Grove Kansas
Melody |
I am constantly amazed each time I visit this site. It's beautiful, and brings me peace. Thank you!
27 October 2007 - Camden MI
Tina | |
Hey buddy. :)

Your pages just never fail to put a smile on my face. For that matter, neither do you! Each time we talk on the phone, it makes my day. You are such a special friend and a blessing from the Lord. I am so glad we are friends. Thank you for sharing your pages and your love and joy with others! You are such a delight and I am proud to call you my friend! :) :)

Love ya,
26 October 2007 - TX
eleanor mathias | |
A very nice gesture
25 October 2007 - fremont, ca.
24 October 2007 - WEST VIRGINIA
Jane Ward Smith |
Kathryn, I loved the poem, "Autumn Comes and Goes" which seemed as if you wrote it just for me. Thanks for your friendship. I wish God's blessings on you daily. Thanks for sending the newsletter to my inbox and the wonderful talent you have and share with us. It is a true blessing. Love, Jane
24 October 2007
Bobbie Green |
I love this site. A Dream and a Smile has the perfect card for anyone for any reason and the verses are beautiful as well as the breath-taking pictures. Thank you so much for allowing me to send them to the people I love.
23 October 2007 - Marble, NC
Darlene |
I just recently found your site and have sent it on to many of my friends.... I enloy this so much and know my friends do also.

Supporting all our troops,
Proud Memeber of Reagan Round Up.com
23 October 2007 - Kingsville, Tx
Sandy | |
Thank you so much! This is such a beautilful site. God Bless You!
23 October 2007 - Noble,Ok. ,USA
mike socc |
thank you for all you have done for me, with you,re lovely sitess, keep it up
21 October 2007 - UNITED STATES
nikki |
Thank You for sharing such Lovely Beautiful pages with me!God Bless you your friends and family!Have a wonderful day!
21 October 2007 - ca
21 October 2007 - BROOKFIELD, CT
Just dropping by to say hi and tell you how much I enjoy your site. I just read your poem Fairy Tale Dreams and as always enjoyed it so much.
Thank you so for sharing your talent with us all.
21 October 2007 - Florida
Thank you for your Wonderful Web site
I enjoyed it so much
19 October 2007 - Kansas
Judy Marriott |
What a beautiful site you have. I thank you for allowing me to send these wonderful pages to my family and friends. It is the nicest web site I have ever visited. I especially like your Good Night pages.
19 October 2007 - Hudson New York - USA
Thankyou for such a heart rendering site...I wish you much happiness,joy & love in your life,as you have given everyone who sees this website...THANKYOU....blessings my friend...xxxxxxx
19 October 2007 - England
Abilene | |
Hi there! I saw your link in Sassy4Daze's guestbook and decided to visit you. I am impressed by your beautiful flowers and friendship pages! The artwork looks realistic. Take care!
17 October 2007 - Hawaii
hello e1 hope your having a good day and god bless ech and e1 of you donna
17 October 2007
Joy |
Thnak you for all of your many many e.mails...It was so very sweet of you to send them to someone you do not know but Thanks from me to you who I do not know! Ps. Searose does this have a special meaning???
17 October 2007 - PA.

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