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and will come back
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Thank You, Kathryn

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Jane Ward Smith |
I couldn't sleep so got online and read the poem, "Only If" which spoke to my heart. It is true we are blessed so much only if we take time to care and bless someone along the way. Thanks for reminding me. :-) Jane
25 January 2015 - Brewton, Al.
Naomi |
I just love this site. Thank you for sharing with us.
21 January 2015 - Michigan
Jane Ward Smith |
Here I am again reading your lovely sends. I especially enjoyed "Kindred" and sent it to some friends. It is almost Christmas and I wish you a Merry Christ and a very happy and prosperous New Year. Keep using your God given talent to bless us. Love, Jane
20 December 2014 - Brewton, Al. USA
Jane W. Smith |
I came again to your site and again was truly blessed. It is a joy to share your words with my friends. I do hope you are having a wonderful and looking forward to celebrating Chris's birth. Love,Jane
11 December 2014 - Brewton, Al. USA
Jane Ward Smith |
I stopped by today and read "You Fill." and sent it to some friends. It is a beautiful poem which I enjoyed very much. You are that friend to me. Thanks for keeping on sharing your wonderful talent. You have been a true blessing to me. Sorry to have been away so long. Jane
21 November 2014 - Brewton, Al.
jan |
I enjoy it everyday. thank you
17 August 2014 - south africa
Frank Abbey |
Love this site. Glad to have it back.
5 August 2014 - Texas
Zehera |
It my makes my day great and beautiful when I get some beautiful messages and Poems
13 June 2014 - UK
lena ierardi |
thank you for this wonderfull site i enjoy sending to family and friends god bless you
27 May 2014 - usa
Dee Stus |
Lovely pages. Thank you.
17 April 2014 - Michigan, USA
lena |
im here every day sending all special thoughts
15 April 2014 - pa
Agnes |
This is beautiful
6 April 2014 - Erie, Pennsylvania
Kiddo |
Try Something New.
No rocking chair for me,I'll take the roller skates any time.Or perhaps the bike,I know I can ride around the block.lol
Thanks for your good humor again,I
always enjoy reading your words.
Good Nite and may God Bless.
24 January 2014 - New Jersey
Jane Ward Smith |
I came by for a visit and found blessings untold but especially liked "Moments in Time" which I sent to friends who possibly would need it because their lives are in a bit of turmoil. God bless you for not only being my friend and also sharing your wonderful talent to bless so many. :-) Jane
22 January 2014 - Brewton, Alabama
Jane Ward Smith |
The new year is approaching and I wish you happiness and joy with blessings of abundance and good health. Thanks for the many years of joy and happiness your friendship has brought and the inspiration you have shared. God bless you. Love, Jane
30 December 2013 - Brewton, Al
Kiddo |
No Pep
Hi There!
You did it again,another great cutie,and
it even looks a little bit like me.
Delightfull choice of music,sure"perked me right up''Thanks for sharin your coffee with me.
See ya.
29 December 2013 - New Jersey
Ann Marie Fisher |
Dearest Kathryn, I wish you & your precious Sons a wonderful & Blessed Merry Christmas & I thank you for being able to read your wonderful site. It is such a joy to look forward to read each day. God Bless You Always.
24 December 2013 - Alabama
carol howard |
12 December 2013 - usa
Hello Kathryn!
I am so excited to have found you again!! I use to read all your poetry when you had the fun pages site. Then you were gone :(
A friend sent a page from this site and it's YOU! Beautiful, beautiful site too :) I'm signing up! Don't want to lose you again! :)
7 December 2013
Sue Gordon |
I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I know how hard it is but give it time things will get better.I lost my Dad 12 years ago but I know he is still with me. He turns on my one lamp everyday. So talk to him he will hear you.
13 November 2013 - United States

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