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Jane Ward Smith |
Kathryn, your poem, "What Is Weath" is so beautiful. It touched my heart. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent to bless so many, especially me.

23 August 2010 - Brewton, Al.
vic |
i would to be with you now
14 August 2010 - n.y
Roger W Brown | |
WOW what a beautiful presentation. It moved my heart and made me glad to know I know Jesus personally and I pray that someday "man" will stop distroying this beautiful planet.
13 August 2010 - TERRE HAUTE INDIANA
Betty |
I loved this and it is so true.
12 August 2010
Jane Ward Smith |
I loved your poem, "Why" which was so simple yet so profound. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent to bless us so much. Love, Jane
10 August 2010 - Brewton, Al
george | |
i like the fishin hole song.
6 August 2010 - california
boy, this was a treat to hear this, and i love the rest thank you for this treat.
6 August 2010 - USA.......CALIFORNIA
Jack Beswarick |
Your site is by far the best. Keep up the good work. Thank You. Jack.
30 July 2010 - Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
You have a Very Beautiful Web Site !!

Keep up the GREAT WORK !!
26 July 2010 - CA
John Torp | |
It is always nice to come back and visit your beautiful site and read your new poems.
25 July 2010 - Sweden
Kathi O'Neilll |
Kathryn, I admire your courage, your wit and all you write on this site.
You are such a blessing to me
24 July 2010 - Staten Island New York
Jane W. Smith |
Just read your poem about walking through the open friendship gate and meeting me. I remember that it was a similiar gate..."Open Garden Gate" poem I sent you which was the start of my poems being publish and a precious friendship was found between us. I treasure that thought. God bless you sweet friend, Kathryn. Love, Jane
19 July 2010 - Brewton, Al
15 July 2010 - MIAMI, FLORIDA
Robert F Flaherty Sr |
Love your Web site Keep it flowing
10 July 2010 - Florida
7 July 2010 - OVERLAND PARK, KS. USA
i love the things you have on your website!
7 July 2010
alan drobnak | |
The contrast between the Light and Dark forces is causing us to awaken and make choices which will determine our ability to make the shift with this period in earths history. Your song and video is so inspiring I do no see how anyone could align themselves with the dark forces of humanity.
5 July 2010 - Denver, Colorado, USA
Jane Ward Smith |
I loved everything about your poem "Ocean of Dreams" even the music which was so beautiful and from your on wonderful talent. Never stop writing because you bless so many and none more than me with your amazing God given talent. You bless me in more ways than you could ever know. Love, Jane
3 July 2010 - Brewton, Al
martha english |
this is truly a beautifull site and the music is so very pretty and soothing , god speed your wonderfull recovery, a friend in hockley ,texas thanks a million for all
3 July 2010 - hockley texas
Jane Ward Smith |
Good morning Kathryn: I enjoyed my waking up to beautiful music, graphics with lovely poems to make me smile and get about my day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us. I pray you have a wonderful day with love around you and God to guide you along your way. Love, Jane
2 July 2010 - Brewton, Al.

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