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Jane Ward Smith |
Kathryn, the poem "Slow Down" spoke to me as I read it this morning. I am filling my days with much to many things and I am prayerfully considering how I might slow down. I do hope your life is peaceful and enjoyable as we move into the fall season. I treasure our friendship and wish you well in all your endeavors. God bless. :-) Jane
21 October 2013 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
Oh! I really like the poem "He Loves Me" which I just read and sent to friends. I especially like that you added the music to "He Knows My Name" which is a new favorite of mine. Thanks for continuing to do your good work. Also, thanks for being my long-time friend and being so helpful to me over the years . God bless you. :-) Jane
25 September 2013 - Brewton, Al
Kathleen J. Greene Nicodemus | |
What a beautiful song A dream and A Smile. I intend to go through the rest of your pages. I know I will be very impressed. Sending this on to all my friends.
29 August 2013 - Wappingers Falls, New Yor
Kiddo |
Join Me.
This was charming,of course I will be happy to join you,thanks much for
the invitation.
I'll have a donut and a cup of coffee,
and I'll put on my happy face.
Oh such fun!!!!
See ya soon..........
23 July 2013 - New Jersey
Thank You For Being A Friend.
Hello Friend!
Another nice one from you"thanks much"
You always brighten up my day when
things don't go just right.A happy
smile I send back to you.
21 July 2013 - New Jersey
Kiddo | |
Oh Yes........
I'm so thrilled here,this is realy special.Thanks much.Love you back.
18 July 2013 - New Jersey
amanda |
I really admire you for making it through those manic and depressive phases. I too am bipolar,and have been since I was 16, but did not realize that was it until about 10 years ago. I am now on medicine and it helps some, but not always. Your page really hits the nail right on the head. Thank you for posting, and hopefully it will help other people and their families to understand what it is like to live with this disease.
5 July 2013 - North Carolina
Geri Brenia | |
These are the most interesting poems an cute sayings. Very lovely site. I enjoy everything. Keep up the good work.
5 July 2013 - Went thru Spirits Site
Edie Gerka |
Enjoyed everything . Keep up the good work . Thank you for sharing .
3 July 2013 - Hammond , Indiana
Kiddo |
Something For You.
Sending wishes back to you also.Thanks for the"pep up"it's another dark and sprinkling day here.Putting out my bon bons,some fruit,and perhaps an ice tea to wet my palate,a good book will suffise.Have a good one!
2 July 2013 - New Jersey
Sharon Lillou Horton |
I love this site and will always subscribe...I recently,3/7/2013 lost my Husband. It's such a comfort to be able to delve in here and see all the Wonder. Thank you Kathryn "SO MUCH" Just Sharon!!
30 June 2013 - Saint Cloud Florida
20 June 2013 - SANDY HOOK VA
Kiddo |
I Wish.
Good Morning"Sweet Person"I pray for
you,many times over,and my wish for
you is to have bright and happy days
18 June 2013 - New Jersey
Geri Brenia | |
Love all the sites very relaxing to view.
5 June 2013 - Spirit/A Dream and A Smile
Kiddo |
From My Pad to yours.
You did it again,so clever you are.
Thanks for sharing your expertise with
us all my dear friend,now enjoy
your day and may God Bless you for making my days a bit brighter.
3 June 2013 - New Jersey
Kiddo |
From My Pad back to you.
This was sure nice and refreshing,gonna
dig out the hammock and drop myself in.Thanx for"keeping in touch"
27 May 2013 - New Jersey
Pastor Roland Ledoux | |
You have a very, very beautiful site and I love poetry especially. I found you with a link from Surrendering to God by Nancy Burr. I lost track of her due to illness on my part, but found her NEW site through BING. I will be back to look through your site even more. Your sets are beautiful and your site is an inspiration.
27 May 2013 - Delta, Colorado USA
kiddo |
Send It All
Oh,so much fun,thanks for this cutie,I
remembered them all and played right
along with you.
Happy Memorial Day to you Dear Friend.
26 May 2013 - New Jersey
kiddo |
Window Of The Sky
Another beautiful piece of Art.Thanx
for brightening our days.
10 May 2013 - N.J.
Susan Blanchard |
What wonderful work you do Kathryn. It's such a pleasure to come on line and enjoy your pages.

Thank you for sharing.
1 May 2013 - Welland Ontario canada

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