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kiddo |
Your Turn
Hey,that was a real cutie.Thanx,I jus
stopped by so played a few games before dinner will be ready.Was
Keep that brain always ticking.
29 April 2013 - New Jersey
Jane Ward Smith |
Kathryn, "One Thing Missing" is so touching and beautiful. You said it so well in that poem with the words and graphics right on. That poem touches those who have been left because of choice but death as well with only the difference there was no choice if by death and no coming back but only a reunion some day in heaven. Your talent is so incredible and I have known that for a very long time. Keep sharing your heart with us. I love it. Your friend, Jane
24 April 2013 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
I stopped by again this morning for some inspiration and I found it in "Go The Distance" which I enjoyed very much. So happy to see you adding inspirational poems to the wonderful greetings we love to send. Wishing you well with all you do with the God give talent you have. Love you, Jane
24 April 2013 - Brewton, Al
Kiddo |
Well,there you are and here I be,right
here waiting to catch another delightful email from your"top site."
Got my coffee and slippers on my feet,yep,ready to rumble or will sing
along.Love your choice of music,keep it up.......
16 April 2013 - New Jersey
Kiddo |
Be Happy!!
Your expertise with your wonderful ideas and words are so clever.Thanks
for sharing them with us all by
bringing back memories we seem to store away along our journey thru life.I think I'll just be happy now too.

16 April 2013 - New Jersey
Jane Ward Smith |
Oh Kathryn, I loved "A Bridge Called Love" and sent it to some friends of mine. I like the little greetings you share with us but would love more of these wonderful poems you write to be shared as well. Hope you are enjoying beautiful spring weather as I am here in the south. God bless you and your loved ones as well. Thanks for your friendship which warms my heart. :-) Jane
11 April 2013 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
I dropped by again today to read and send your wonderful greetings. I do hope you are doing well and enjoying spring weather again. :-) Jane
10 April 2013 - Brewton, Al
Ed Broderick |
Man Shot

Totally innocent of any crime
It just must have been his time
For ages he witnessed us grow
From the Garden to the world we know

A man who smiled upon us all
Never judged or made a call
Brightened many a life
With a husband or wife

Lit and made clear
Things we did fear
Inspired many a song or a tune
We could whistle or croon

Two rockets fired to his face
What reason for this disgrace
The Gmen say it had to be
Its progress for you and me

He will recover fairly soon
Lets all smile back at
The Man in the Moon

Ed Broderick

7 April 2013 - RockawayBeach NY
Pauline MacLean |
love your site Katheryn , keep up the great work and happy sixth anniversary on your writings .Great job
6 April 2013 - Ontario Canada
susan pankhurst | |
this is cute
5 April 2013 - florida
Mary |
Wonderful website!! Your work is beautiful and your words are so meaningful!
2 April 2013 - USA
Jane Ward Smith |
I loved the beautiful poem "Lily of the Valley" which I just read. A bit behind it my reading. Not only the words so sweet but the beautiful graphics which made it complete. God bless you for the wonderful work you do making it possible to share our love and friendship. Love you my friend. :-) Jane
1 April 2013 - Brewton, Al
Lanette |
Sorry to hear about your mother. Its scary when they reach that age and get sick. Hope she recovers. My prayers will be with her.
23 March 2013 - US
Ann Marie Fisher |
Hello Kathryn, I just completed reading your beautiful poems & enjoying the lovely Spring Graphics. It is officially Spring today but North Alabama is chilly & has a brisk wind. It doesn't feel much like Spring but your beautiful Site made me feel like Spring. God Bless You & your Sons.
20 March 2013 - Alabama
Jane W. Smith |
Oh Kathryn, I loved "Honey Bunch" with the darling little girl singing! It made me smile. Hope things are going well with you and yours. Keep these wonderful pages coming for us to enjoy. Have a great day. :-) Jane
20 March 2013 - Brewton, Al
Marianne Rankin |
HOW do I set that beautiful 'A Dream and a Smile' as my SCREEN SAVER. It is VERY romantic....sigh....
14 March 2013 - Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Jane Ward Smith |
I came back to be blessed by your wonderful poems and there it was..."Under His Wings." The same title of a poem I wrote a few years back and can be found on anhourwithyou.com Not the same poem but your short write brought it back to my memory. Goes to prove the endless inspiration God gives to each one of us it we listen and obey his whisperings to our heart. God bless and keep you my dear friend. :-) Jane
10 March 2013 - Brewton, Al
Ed |
One hour a head then one back
Not too difficult to keep track
This was done to save the light
To delay the darkness of the night

Years ago the problem was solved
By having the time of day revolved
Spring was a good time to go ahead
To rise up early from your bed

Getting a jump start on the day
Finishing up before sunís last ray
Then just when you settle in
Itís time to reset again
Fallís chill signals us to setback The dials of time we have to track
Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

The winter comes and silently goes
Fields are green and free of snows
Flowers bloom and birdies sing
Turn them ahead Thank God its Spring
Ed Broderick
10 March 2013 - Rockaway Beach NY
Katie | |
I would love to get these beautiful cards.
8 March 2013 - USA Oklahoma
Kiddo |
Afternoon Paws.
Just finished dancing around the room with this one and oh my paws are still
itchin.Thanks much for putting some brightness into my day.
22 February 2013 - New Jersey

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