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Jane W. Smith |
"Safe Harbor" is so beautiful and just what I needed this morning. Thanks for sharing your wonderful way with words to bless me today. Thanks, too for being my friend. Hope you are having a wonderful day in the "Safe Harbor" with God at the helm. :-) Jane
22 April 2012 - Brewton, Al
Jane |
Hey, Kathryn.....I Let The Sunshine In and then I Jungle Boogied! Now, THAT is the start of a great day!
Thanks, Friend! God bless!
28 March 2012 - West Virginia
Claire |
Stopping By

This was mighty cute,sure brightened
up my day.Thanx for sharing your beautiful talent with us.
21 March 2012 - New Jersey
kiddo |
Gettin Ready For Spring.
Me too,I'm ready,bring it on....
Loved the James Taylor music.
Thanks for all the good stuff you send.
14 March 2012 - New Jersey
Mary Reist | |
I didn't know you now had recipes. Very nice. Thank you and I thank my friend Vicky Barnes for sending it to me. Have a great day.
9 March 2012 - Midland, Michigan
Kiddo |
Puppy Trail.
You did it,you"perked"me right back up
again,thanks.I'm ready to get back on the road again..............
Love your site,keep it up.
27 February 2012 - New Jersey
Jane W. Smith |
"Think About It" was a wake-up call this morning. Think about how you spend you time and it shows the importance you place on people and more especially your Lord. Make it count. God bless you sweet Kathryn for my wake-up call this morning. :-) Jane
27 February 2012 - Brewton, Al
Jane W. Smith |
"God and I" touched my heart this morning. It was so well written and I could see myself at the beginning of a new day with just "God and I" comuning in spirit feeling His presence and seeking direction for my day. God bless you Sweet Kathryn for the wonderful talent with which you are blessed to touch lives. Love, Jane
25 February 2012 - Brewton, Al
Beverly Lussier |
I love, love, love, your site.
Did I mention that I love your site.
God bless
17 February 2012 - USA-Rhode Island
Kiddo |
I'm in the Mood For Love
Love your site,always clever and so cute.God Bless your special talent for
us to share with each other.
15 February 2012 - New Jersey
Bob |
12 February 2012 - Washington
Kiddo |
Spread Your Wings.
Like your spirit,so carefree and calm.Thanks for your uplifting
See ya there!
3 February 2012 - New Jersey
Jane Ward Smith |
Oh, Kathryn I just loved "Singing" and needed that bit of humor this wintery day with rain. Thanks for the smiles. :-) Jane
1 February 2012 - Brewton, Al
Jane Ward Smith |
Thanks for the beautiful morning greeting for this brand new day. Even though it was raining it was a wonderful day which I enjoyed so much. Thanks for reminding me how much a new day can mean. :-) Jane
1 February 2012 - Brewton, Al
Beulah Starr |
I hope you and the boys are doing great! Love this site, you do such a great job writing poetry, etc.
25 January 2012 - Newton, Iowa
Debbie Schneider | |
Thank you for a wonderful site. I always look forward to receiving your mail. Have a great day Debbie Schneider
17 January 2012 - South Africa
Jane Ward Smith |
Kathryn, I just realized I no longer get A Dream and A Smile and don't understand why? I had cancer surgery in the summer but am in remission at the present time. I miss hearing from you. I'll try resubscribing and see if I can get your newsletters again. :-) Hope you are doing well. Love, Jane
10 January 2012 - Brewton, Al.
Trudy |
Thank you kindly for sharing this site...
has alot of pages so I can share with my Friends..
10 January 2012
It was a beautiful and honest poem. They will have a very special place in God's garden when the time comes..
What special souls they have.
15 December 2011 - Texas
Carol Barton | |
I was looking on your inspirational index and the poem "Found" just reached in and grabbed my heart. So beautifully written and words I could identify with as this happened to me many years ago. I love all the things you write. You are so good at what you do.
11 December 2011 - Texas

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