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Thank You, Kathryn

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Kathleen Whiteford |
Hi Kathryn,
How are you today? I just want to tell you, I also love this page, evdry one is so nice and it make a friend feel needed and thought of each and every day of the week, beautiful work of art as well.
2 March 2010 - America
Sharon Bassett |
Loved this we all need to enjoy life more and stop worrying about what we look like. Give me that purple hat!!
28 February 2010 - Massachusetts
Jane Ward Smith |
I enjoyed the greetings in this update but especially enjoyed, "He Loves Me" which had the most beautiful little girl which drew me in with her beautiful blue eyes. Kathryn, you make the most beautiful sets to compliment your wonderful poetry. Thanks for blessing me today. Love, Jane
28 February 2010 - Alabama, USA
pat walton |
I love the cards . I love to send them and recieve them!
22 February 2010 - USA
Kathleen Whiteford | |
Dear Kathryn,
I love your Web site, you have so many encouraging thoughts, and is always makes me feel good inside to know that there are people like you that love tospread happiness to so many people. my friend emails me alot of different things of friendship.
I thank You for tr ying to spread happiness to the people in the World, which needs more happiness in it with so much going on.sincerely Kathleen
21 February 2010 - Canton, New York
Josie Banks |
Kathryn, When I read your beautiful poems, they touch my heart and soul. You have a beauty inside that only GOD could have placed there!!Thank you for being you and allowing all of us to read your heartfelt works...In much appreciation...Josie
19 February 2010 - Brookshire, Texas
Joni Trzaska |
Signing your guest book,this site is lovely!!
The music,the writings.....
4 February 2010 - United States
carmel | |
i loved and liked this page..indeed an inspiring thoughts.. God Bless and more power..
1 February 2010 - philippines
Lori |
Thank you and thank you again for ALL YOUR WONDERFUL pages. I just luv 'em all. Blessings and love, Lori
24 January 2010 - USA
Edie Gerka |
I was laughing soooooo hard as I read this little gem !!!! Amazingly true . Thanks for putting this on here for the brides to be !!
23 January 2010 - Hammond , Indiana
gina |
Thank you so much for this great site . You've brightened many a day, not only for me but friends & family too.
22 January 2010 - Germany
Edie Gerka |
Your poetry is so beautiful and inspiring and I enjoy reading it daily. Thank you so much .
20 January 2010 - Hammond, Indiana
Abilene | |
Such a lovely site filled with dreams and smiles! I love the Friendship cards you posted on here!
20 January 2010 - Honolulu, Hawaii
nshemereirwe robert | |
i like dat site en all people on dis site i love u all Gd bless u all
19 January 2010 - africa
DormaAnn |
Good Morning Kathryn,
What a beautiful site you have and I am so thrilled to wake up each morning to your hard work and inspirations for the day. Thank you for all you do here.

Happy Day,
16 January 2010 - San Diego, CA
Douglas Spain | |
This is very inspiring to me I will be back.
15 January 2010 - Henderson N.C.
Mary Levitt |
I love this card and many others that have been sent to me.
14 January 2010 - Missouri
The Country Doc |
You are to be complemented on your excellent site.
14 January 2010 - San Marcos, CA
Deb |
Thank you for the trip back in time...oh, how I miss those days! I love your graphics--so pretty.
13 January 2010 - Illinois USA
Alice Townsend |
Wonderful site. It has a little of everything amd then some. I would like to chat with some of your guests around the world.
11 January 2010 - Florida, USA

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