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Debbie Wantland |
Thank you for you great cards, they have made my day brighter.......
22 September 2006 - Jackson,Ms.
joyce |
this is a blessing to me after the day i had Thank You Joyce
21 September 2006 - Marcus Hook Pa
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

It must be ESP or something, but I was just viewing your last updates pages and you have just sent throgh todays, so I have now caught up with them all.
Loved your pages as I always do, but "Yard Sale" really made me smile. Isn't that the truth, you spend so long cleaning all the "junk" out only to replace it almost immediately with equally useless "junk" that you sell next time you have a clean out. Loved the music you choose for the pages, it is beautiful.

Your Graphic for International Day Of Peace is great and like you say if we could only ask for one day of peace, we could lead that to two, and then a week and it would grow. What a wonderful world it would be without fear and for peace to surround. To you my friend I leave you with the words of a hymn we used to sing in church but I have not heard for quite a number of years.

"Peace I leave with you, my friends,
Shalom, my peace, in all you do.
Peace I leave with you, my friends.
I give to you so you can give to others, too.

To share His love is why I came,
To show His kindness to us all.
Go now, my friends, and do the same,
Until I come again.

Peace I leave with you, my friends,
Shalom, my peace, in all you do.
Peace I leave with you, my friends.
I give to you so you can give to others, too.

Take my hand and be at peace;
The Spirit of our love I send.
And with this love you will be free,
Until I come again.

Peace I leave with you, my friends,
Shalom, my peace, in all you do.
Peace I leave with you, my friends.
I give to you so you can give to others, too."

God bless

21 September 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Tina | |
Hi Kathryn!! :) :)

What beautiful pages you have sent out!! I love these and I love you to! All your pages are beautiful to me. I am soo glad we are friends!!

God bless you!!
20 September 2006 - TX
Rose Johnson |
Your poems & music lift my spirit, Thanks so very much for being part of my e-mail I recieve.
20 September 2006 - Cohoes, NY, USA
Carol Barton | |
Loved your pages tonight .. just like I do every night. Loss was a beautifully written poem that helped me to say something to a friend who just lost his wife and I thank you for it. Celebrate was great and I sent it to my friends. Hug Me Bear .... so cute! What a lovely and talented lady you are!! You fill my days with sunshine and yes, we missed you!
Love and hugs,
18 September 2006 - Texas
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for your latest pages and I am so sorry to hear of your losses in such a short time. No matter how we try, we simply take time to accept and having three in two months really is difficult for you. I can only imagine what you are going through at this time, both from your grief and also illness that you have to live with. It is so awful to get depression, you feel as if you cannot climb out of a great hole. Please know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and if it is of any help at all, feel free to e-mail me. May God bless you my friend and I pray that you get much better quickly. (Eddie)
18 September 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Shy | |
Dear Kathryn,
Thank you for the lovely updates, I just love all you write and your beautiful graphics. Sorry I haven't been by for a while, but I have been busy moving and if you have experienced that, then you know how it has been.
It's good to have the time again to come and visit with you.

God bless, Love ya, Shy

18 September 2006 - N C
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Once again thank you for your beautiful pages although it is a sad time as we recall that terrible day just five years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with all who suffered in any way and with the world that we never see such evil again.

On a brighter line, I am not sending an e-mail as asked in "Birds Of A Feather", but will this Guest Book entry suffice?

Thanks for sharing and hopefully will mail you soon. (Eddie)

14 September 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
13 September 2006 - UNITED STATES
Melva |
Good Morning Sweet Lady!
I have been here sending out 'Good Morning' greetings! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent and your friendship!
Love you,
13 September 2006
Dale Stensland |
I awoke to the "sureal" tv shots of the towers...the planes...It affected my life. May those who died,die not in vain, May the Lord have mercy on all!
12 September 2006 - Wolf Point Montana
Carolyn Cantrell |
Hello Kathryn, I pray this day will find you well and full of joy. Its not often you find people that really care one way or another if anyone is feeling the joy of the Lord. But I can feel that you do.I love my Lord and Savior so very much and I am so THANKFULL He sends people like you along so many others path of life to give us a blessing from the Blessing He has given you. GOD BLESS you my friend.
12 September 2006 - ALABAMA
Jane Ward Smith |
Kathryn, I loved the poem "Curiosity" and thought where would we be without curiosity...it would be a dull world. Thanks for your imagination and wonderful talent of putting the words, music and wonderful graphics together for great pages for us to enjoy. God truly has blessed you. Love, Jane
12 September 2006 - Alabama
Tina | |
Hey Kathryn! :) (((HUGS)))

Wow! These pages are amazing! I loved your 9-11 pages. It was such a tragic day! My heart has gone out all day as I look back and remember. One thought accured to me. Why would we want to serve a god who was for so much hate and violence?! I can't think of many who would want that! I will serve Jesus, the Prince of Peace! He is all about love and loving your brothers and sisters!

Your friendship page is amazing to! What a message in that one! A friend loves at all times! They may see your faults, but they love you anyway. I try to look for the good in others and not their faults. Kathryn, I have always seen such a loving, caring heart in you! You are a good person. What a treasure I found when I met you!!!
Love ya!!!!!
11 September 2006 - TX
11 September 2006 - NEW JERSEY
Jane Ward Smith |
We weep again in remembrance of that fateful day, 9/11. May God bless all those who lost a loved one that day, What a horrible price to pay. May God give you peace. Kathryn, you wrote a soul wrenching poem commemorating that day. Thanks so much. Jane
11 September 2006 - Alabama
rita |
11 September 2006 - ROCKFROD ILL
karen | |
Dear Kathryn,
Loved your pages today and will always remember the day we can never forget...
Thank you for your tribute to those who so willingly gave their lives to help during that tragedy. God Bless and remember...........
U R Loved
11 September 2006 - Iowa
pops |
great what a beautiful page
11 September 2006 - sun city california

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