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Thank You, Kathryn

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Melva |
Hi Dear Lady,
I wanted to stop by and thank you for the beautiful cards you send into my home each day...I love them and love you too!
God bless ya!
16 October 2006
15 October 2006 - TORONTO,CANADA
Suzanne |
thank you for sharing your lovely work. I really enjoyed it!
15 October 2006 - Waterford N.Y. usa
Carol Barton | |
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy all your pages. They are always a delight. Your friendship poem Day at a Time was lovely. Tossing Daisies was adorable and I always love your good night pages. Have enjoyed the lovely poems by Tina you have included on your updates. Keep up the wonderful work .... you always brighten my day in so many ways.
Love and hugs,
14 October 2006 - Texas
Odie Caldwell |
i love your site they are joy to read
14 October 2006 - MISSISSIPPI
Tina | |
Good morning, my dear friend!! :)

It is so good to find your lovely pages in my mailbox this morning! I missed seeing them. Your pages are always such a delight! You outdid yourself. These pages are beautiful! But then they always are. I miss you, my friend. I hope maybe we can find some time to chat this week end. Thanks again for sharing my pages in your newsletters! It is soooo sweet of you!
Love you soooooo much, my dearest friend!!! :) :) :) :)
12 October 2006 - TX
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

I am so far behind that it seems I will never catch up on things. It seems that vrything want to attack me at once and I have had a few of my days that you would well understand ar best forgotten if one can. However, I have finally been able to get her and view the pages you hav been sending. As always, Tina's pages that you choose to share are wonderful and my favourite of hers this visit was "An Angel's Breath" Your pages are simply great, loved the graphics on ""Your Castle Awaits", Dancing Embers and "Hum A Song". "Lost No More" is a really inspuirational writing and so very beautiful to read a number of times. "Found" I think says a lot more than even you know. You have said so much in those words and I know that many times I have wondered if I have ever found myself. Wonderful pages. Thank you my friend for sharing. Keep up the great work. God bless you always. (Eddie)
12 October 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Kathryn, Darlin;
God bless you, always, for the way you touch so many hearts, each day. Know you are loved, yourself!

Your Friend in Wisconsin,
9 October 2006 - Wisconsin, USA
Glenna |
Your poems are inspiring and beautiful.
I look foreard to your newsletter each day.
May God bless you with many blessings.
9 October 2006 - Texas
Oh Kathyrn, Carol sends me your cards every night so we can have coffee together in the mornings. I just love them so I had to write and tell you. You are so talented with the graphics and verse you do.Thank you so much for sharing with us all.
Love & Hugs, Jeannie
9 October 2006 - Sanford, Fl.
Lynn | |
I visited you this morning and quite enjoyed your inspirationals. I will return soon to see what you have updated.
8 October 2006 - Maine
Shirley Granstaff | |
This is the most unusal site I have ever seen. Good, comical, uplifting music and thank you for it.
7 October 2006 - Hendersonville,TN
Shy | |
Dear Kathryn,
Thank you dear one for sending such lovely pages to share with my friends. They are awesome, I especially enjoyed
The Castle"....so beautiful poem and graphics. You are doing an amazing job with your beautiful website. It is wonderful.

God bless, Love ya, Shy
6 October 2006 - N C
Shy | |
Dear Kathryn,
I am a bit behind in signing your guestbook, but I have thoroughly enjoyed all your latest pages and have shared many of them with my friends. Your website is such an uplifting place to visit, thank you for such a wonderful service and also for your christian witness and friendship,
Love ya, Shy

6 October 2006 - N C
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

It's taken me a while to catch up with your updates but I finally have got to see them all and as always you have sent a great collection with good variety. Tina's pages are always so nicely done, and I love the way you are sharing her pages as well. "New Family In Town" was cute and I think we all have those Dust Bunnies arriving sometime. I know they are at my place, no matter how hard I try to get them to move out. Loved "The Guardian" and "Take Away" as well, although it is unfair to single out single pages. No matter how depressed one feels, somewhere in your pages there is something that will pick you up and allow you to start again. Thank you for sharing. God bless you always. (Eddie)
5 October 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Denise aka Pokey | |
Wonderful site here...I will be back often! God bless you always!
5 October 2006 - Alabama
Carolyn | |
Hi Kathryn,
Are you having fun yet? smiles
You make me smile every morning and every night. I love your pages, love all of the animations. You have proven to me that I am truly just an old kid at heart. Kathryn you know how much you make all of us smile with your work..
But also love all of your pages.
I remember when you started your site, and you said how you needed to make some pages, lol You get them out faster than anyone I know.. smiles
Boy, you ran off and left all of us..lol
That just proves how much you enjoy your site.. Good for You Kathryn..
God Bless You Always,
I Enjoyed My Visit - Carolyns Precious Memories
5 October 2006 - Ca
Tina | |
Hello, my sweet friend!! :) I do love your pages! It is sad, the things going on in our world right now! I think of those helpless children and my heart just breaks! Children are the most precious gift God has given. They are so sweet and innocent. A glimpse of Heaven as they are so fresh from Heaven and should be protected and unnaffected by the hurts of the world.

Thank you sooooo much Kathryn for adding my pages! What a dear and precious friend I have found in you! I am sooo thankful for you and I love ya!

4 October 2006 - TX
karen | |
Dear Kathryn,
Take Away says it all~~~I can only add a heartfelt 'AMEN AND AMEN'~~~it's time we stop this maddness.
God Bless and remember.........
U R Loved.
4 October 2006 - Iowa
Blanche Fedor |
Love your site. It is very inspiring.
Thank you.
3 October 2006 - Greensboro, North Carolina

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