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Kevin |
Hello,I can identify and appreciate your problems, I have seen many and know alot of people with this dreaded disorder,thank you for sharing.
11 September 2006 - United States
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Hello and how are you? Thank you for sending me you latest pages. Loved them and "Home Is" certainly is a great page, but my real choice today is "Found". What a wonderful page, and if we cannot find ourselves then we cannot find anything. There is a far deeper message in your words than one first sees. Thank you my friend and God bless (Eddie)
9 September 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Carol Barton | |
Love your site and the joy you bring into my home every day. You lift my spirits and I share the good feelings with my friends. "Found" was a beautifully written poem. So many people go through bad things in their lives and if they can't find themselves, they are lost and miserable. You have to be true to yourself, believe in yourself, know that you are special and what matters in life is how you feel about all that life has to offer. I know as I have been there and spent many years searching for me. It was an eye opening experience. What a thought provoking poem ..... so perfect and so very beautiful.
Love and hugs,
7 September 2006 - Texas
Cherie |
Thanks, Kathryn....you have a beautiful site, and you start my day with a smile and end it with a hope for tomorrow.

Great job!!

5 September 2006 - Central Illinois - USA
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for the wonderful pages you keep sending, I love the simple and touching verses you write. They all just have a way of reaching out. Loved "Simple Things", isn't that so true, not what we have, but what we share with each other that counts. Great pages, looking forward to your next updates. (Eddie)
4 September 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
karen | |
There is an old, 'very old song', whose chorus line goes: "I'll give you a daisy a day, Dear, I'll give you a daisy a day. I'll love you until the rivers run still, and the four winds we know blow away." Your daisy page reminded me of that song and brought back fond memories of ancient times and softer music~~~~Thanks for the trip!!! All your pages were beautiful.
God Bless and remember........
U R Loved.
3 September 2006 - Iowa
Norma |
I think your site is beautiful. I especially like Good Night cards. Everyone is usually good about telling a person," Good Morning, " But there is something special about going on your computer and seeing that someone has taken the time to tell you " Good Night." I have a sweet niece that does that for me and it really means a lot. That is how I got acquainted with your site. Keep up the good work please. Remember someone out here appreciates it. Thank you. Norma
2 September 2006 - Iowa
Ruby Moore |
Thanks for sharing.....Really enjoyed your web site. It was forwarded to me by a friend Bonnie
1 September 2006 - Hamilton Ontario Canada
31 August 2006 - NORTH CAROLINA
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you again for the updates you send, they are always something special that bring a smile, so your site is aptly named. Loved what you have shown, especially Getting Hi, that is great and I will be sharing it with others. Hope they stop and look around a bit further on your site. Pray all is well with you, take care and God bless. (Eddie)
30 August 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Mikki | |
Hi Kathryn,
I sure have enjoyed my visit to your site today!! So pretty and I enjoyed the pages that I visited!
29 August 2006 - Baltimore, Ohio
Mary Tindall |
29 August 2006 - TORONTO,CANADA
George Haney |
Enjoyed your site
29 August 2006 - Las Vegas Nevada
Nann |
Hi Kathryn...A dear friend sent me this card *O-Hi*...Sooo cute..I'll be glancing thru your pages from time to time...Thanks for sharing your works...
God Bless...
29 August 2006 - Arkansas
jean mcilwaine |
hi kathryn,i was just reading a rose at my door, and it brought tears to my eyes, you see i have 3 girls, who have grown up and left home.they have little girls of their own, but the memories it brought back were beautiful ones, thank you so much for memories id nearly forgoten, god bless , jean
27 August 2006 - nothern ireland
Sharleen Whitman |
What a relaxing and cute cite.Hope to click in often.
26 August 2006 - Panama Cirt Beach,Fl
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for your pages that you have sent over the past few days, I have been keeping up with viewing them, and thought I would let you know I have been here. Love your style, always simple but with a great message and I like the way you make the entire page yourself, that makes them very special. Keep sending these out, I always make sure that I get to see all updates sent. Now I have to go and have some "Yummy Pancakes" for breakfast and play with my computer until I find "At Day's End". Thank you my friend. Take care and God bless (Eddie)
25 August 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Jane W. | |
Very good site.. glad I found it. Thanks for all your hard work.
25 August 2006 - FL
Jeannie |
Oh Kathryn, I just love your page
"Magic Box". I love musicboxes to. I'm so glad you have your own site. I enjoy every new page that comes out.
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us all.
Love & Hugs, Jeannie
25 August 2006 - Sanford, Fl.
Darold Wegener |
Hi there Kathryn. Thankyou so much for the beautiful pages, which I have had great joy in sharing with some special friends. The wording just seems to be what i'm looking for to express the way I feel about those very close to me.
Thankyou so much, and may the lord bless you richly for your sincere and caring spirit.
25 August 2006 - Australia ( the land down-under)

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