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Joan | |
Good Morning Kathryn, Just dropped by to tell you I enjoyed my visit here. You have a beautiful site just like you. I'll be back to read more of your poems. May you always be covered in God's Pure Love! Love and Prayers Joan
12 February 2007 - Tennessee
Dennis Duncan |
Just wanted you to know how much I love your ecards. The graphics are intense and beautiful and the poetry and sentiments always seem to say exactly what I want to say. Thank You for your site.
12 February 2007 - Bedford, IN
Rachel A. McGuire |
Dear Kathryn,
Thanks for leting me know about the new pages, They are wonderful.

Happy Valentine's
To you and your sons.
11 February 2007 - Reston, Virginia
Tina | |
Hey Girl!! :)

Your pages are beautiful!! Hubby was giving me some funny looks just now. lol I was opening up your pages and saying, "awwh! How pretty!" I talk to myself when I am on here. lol Anyways, I loved your pages! Thanks for sharing them with us. I know you put a lot of work into these pages. And thank you for being such a great buddy!!! :)

Love ya!
11 February 2007 - TX
Beulah | |
Hi Kathryn,
I want to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day, to you and the boys. Do have a great time!
11 February 2007 - Burlington, Iowa USA
shelley r bradford |
Good Morning!

I just wanted to mention on how lovely your website and your beautiful cards are. I just love them and you have me as a friend forever! Thankyou so very much for your Dream and a Smile, you have brighten my days.
10 February 2007 - decatur illinois
joann |
god has given you a special gift use it well .it is so beautiful -awesome- i love this web site so much .hugssss
22 February 2007 - usa niles mi.
Tina | |
Hello my dear friend. :)

WOW! That is all I can say! I am speechless! These pages are all sooooooo beautiful!!! I love Dream Dancer! The whole set is gorgeous! Well, what can I say? You know I love pretty graphics! lol Think that is my middle name. haha Your poems are beautiful to! I am so blessed to have a friend like you! God is sooo good to me! I've been feeling so down today, but then I open up your beautiful cards, and now I am smiling. Thank you Kathryn! You don't realize how many people you bless with these pages of yours! You have a ministry here. This is exactly what God has called you to do... for such a time as this! Keep spreading His light and love through your beautiful pages! You are a blessing to soooo many!! I am glad you are my friend! Thanks again for sharing my page as well.

I love ya!
22 February 2007 - TX
shirley baker |
I would sure like to know when you new pages are done..I love you site .Keep up the good work,

22 February 2007 - Vernon B.C V1T 9K6 canada
joann |
a beautiful wesite it is hard to put in words just what i feel .awesome feeling Beautiful
21 February 2007 - usa
Martyca | |
cute page (Winter/Twasnt_Me) and I like the music and colours. Truly a page to bring a smile.
18 February 2007 - Alberta, Canada
Earl grant | |
that was the best of the best any one could get for valintimes that was the best .
18 February 2007 - floirda
Jacqueline K |
Thank you for the beautiful work that you do.I enjoy it so much.
18 February 2007 - Philadelphia,Pa. USA
vivian hillard |
I just started getting your pages and I want you to know that they are just the best that I have found. Love each and everyone that I have looked at. Keep up the great work. The words are very comforting and sometimes funny too!!
17 February 2007 - louisiana
Hi Kathryn, Just had to send you a note to say thank you so much for starting my day off with smiles and beautiful morning cards. My dear friend Carol Barton sends me your cards to be with me in the morning for coffee. It don't matter that she is still in bed. LOL
Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all.
God Bless, Jeannie
16 February 2007 - Florida
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hi Kathryn,

Thanks for your updates as always. I love your pages and I know they help bring many smiles to a lot of others so you should be very proud of your efforts.

Naturally with Valentine’s Day at this time I expected at least a few pages to suit, and started with “this Dance”, and moved on to “Captured Heart”. “Surreal” asks a good question,…at what point do our dreams take realism and we move into them? Sometimes I wonder if our dreams are telling us something, and then of course “Nothing Else” matters does it? I also loved the page for “Surreal” it was simply great. Loved the friendship pages as well, “Flow The Blessings” and Train Of Thought” are both wonderful. You could almost say “Chat Chat” is a great kid’s page; in fact it is a great kid’s page. Golden Morning is another example o your bright and bubbly approach to writing. Loved the four Valentine’s pages you made although here in the Land Down Under we don’t make it such a great event and keep it to simply greetings between loved ones. “A Scent Of A Rose” says it so well; the simplest things are the best and prettiest for us aren’t they? “Beautiful” is what I see in my friends many of whom I have never actually met but they are still beautiful to me. I am glad to call you one of my beautiful friends.

Well onto your last update and what is the first thing I see? “Yep More Hugs”. Another wonderful page that friends can share with each other. How many times have we asked someone why and the answer is “Because!” Well because you are my friend I am blessed. Well what can I say about “The Skater” except I agree with the ending…..I tried roller skating once and once only and never again. If the good Lord had wanted me to roll around he would have put wheels on my feet and if he wanted me to skate on ice he would have put blades there and he didn’t so I don’t.

Thank you my friend for the pages and your continued friendship.

God bless

16 February 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Tina | |
Hey Girlfriend!!

You go, girl! lol These pages are awesome!! I love them all! I just love your witty sense of humor to! The Skater was sooo cute! I loved your teddy bears on Bear Hugs! How adorable!! I saw your mask to. Oh! I love the affect you gave that picture! I enjoyed our chat on the phone today very much!! Thanks for calling! Thank you for adding my page to. :) You are such a pal! I am so happy God blessed me with your friendhsip! It just means so much to me!!!

Love ya,
15 February 2007
nikki |
I love all the pages !Their so beautiful!GOD BLESS!Have a nice evening!
15 February 2007 - ca
Ellen |
I received the friendship ball from a special person and really enjoyed this.
Very nice
14 February 2007 - Philadelphia
Rev. Dr. Michael Houston | |
This is one the most beautiful sites I have visited and this time due to my dearest friend Dorcas Munday. She is one of my greatest inspirations.
Keep up the beautiful work.
13 February 2007 - Louisville KY

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