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Thank You, Kathryn

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25 November 2006 - FLA.
Marilyn |
That was soooo cute
25 November 2006 - Canada
Oh Kathyrn, Carol sent me your poem " At Days End". I love the way you do your graphics and you always say just the right words. Plus the midi is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us all.
Love & Hugs, Jeannie
25 November 2006 - Sanford, Fl.
Tina | |
Hey, my friend! :)

I loved the pages you sent out!! I got tickled reading all about your callie cat. I can just imagine how much fun you all had with that! Great job Nathan and Aaron! I also adored your friendship page! It is beautiful and the poem is so very touching! You are so creative! I am so glad you are enjoying your web site! I am sorry to hear you were not feeling well on Thanksgiving! I felt ok yesterday with a sugar high(lol) The let down today was not so great. I felt so sluggish and lazy today. It usually takes me a couple of days to recooperate after something major. Ok, I'll quit yacking now. lol Great job on the pages!! Oh and most of all....thank you for being my friend! I am so thankful God gave me a precious friend like you and I pray He blesses you in all you do!!

Love ya much!
24 November 2006 - TX
Carolyn | |
Hi Kathryn,
I just got to come and sign in your book. But have enjoyed all of your latest pages and poems while I have been off of the site work.
I was sorry to read about your poems being taken by someone else. Please let me know if I ever have any of them on my site, as I don't know anything about anyone else much. Okay?
I did pray for you Kathryn while you were not feeling good and will continue to alway pray for you.
I love your mail out each day. They make me smile when I might not have a smile. So always keep sending out to us.
God Bless You Kathryn and Happy Thanksgiving
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22 November 2006 - Calif
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for your latest pages and I have to say they are as good as they always are.

“Shine” is lovely, nice little verse and a real catchy tune to make you want to think of your friends. “Plenty” is beautiful. I love that design and would really love knowing how to do it, maybe one day I will learn. I wish for you to have “Plenty” always as well. “Personal Touch”…what can I say? Very clever and witty and also reminded me of those days many years ago when we were first given pens and ink at school and the mess we used to make with it. Maybe e-mail with spell checking isn’t such a bad thing after all. “Fairly Good Morn” to you as well, I wish for you a great day to follow.

Tina’s poem you included, “Let The Music Ring” really is what life should be like….happy and dancing with all going well for everyone.

I pray that you are not feeling to badly lately and have got over the worst of your days for a while. I know that sometimes it seems like they will never end, but there is always a friend somewhere who will be there for you. If needed reach out for them.

Although not one of our holidays in Australia I know that Thanksgiving is an important day for you as all the families gather together for the special day of thanks.

May I finish with taking this opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

God bless you and yours always.

21 November 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
mary darragh |
beautiful verses, and words
21 November 2006 - N Ireland
21 November 2006 - CALIFORNIA
Tina | |
Good morning, my dear friend! :)

Your pages are lovely as always! I especially enjoyed shining star! I have a friend like this and you know who it is? It is you, dear friend of mine! So happy that we are friends!

Kathryn, I am so sorry that you are going through hard times right now! I can hardly believe the morals of some people! It is more then I can absorb! It is beyond me that this person could steal your copyrighted work and claim it as her own. I used to go to this person's site often and from what I could see, she could not write and that was why she relied on you and other poets to make her site a success. It is something, that I and thousands of other viewers saw some these same poems on her site at one time with your name on them and now again with her name on them! I am glad that you have proof that you own the copyrights to these poems! It should make her think twice of doing this! It should also make other poets think twice about sending her their poetry. This person needs the Lord in her life and I will continue to pray for her. Don't let this stop you from sending out your pages! You send many, many smiles to the hearts of many and you are loved so very much!! No one's wardrobe is complete without a smile! So put a smile on your face today, my friend! Smile...God loves you and so do I! :)

God bless you, my friend!
21 November 2006 - TX
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello my dear friend,

I am saddened to read that you have been having a difficult time over the last two weeks or so, but also am so happy that even though you threw your hands in the air, you still had that "Soothing Balm" that reminded you of the "Rainbow Of Promise". Kathryn, I know that like you I often reach those "Almost" days, but somehow we just continue along and pray that our friends will help and we really do know in our hearts that they will never let us down. I know your wonderful friend who is you "Soothing Balm", and you could not have a nicer person to lean on. Keep your spirits up, talk to the Lord and always have your friendships near. If you can do that, then life does get a little easier.....and perhaps you can spend more time "Planting Smiles".

Loved the pages "Marry Me #1" and "#2" and also "She Is".

Thank you my friend for being you....and your visit to my own humble home. Your comments are always appreciated.

God bless

17 November 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Rose Johnson |
This is one of the best sites I've been to in a long time. There is terminal sickness in my family, and I find your poems close to my heart and have sent them to family & friends. The grafics, and music are lovely. Thank you for your time and wonderful work.
17 November 2006 - Cohoes, NY
Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Hello: "Magic Box," is delightful, and so very pretty.
Have a "Happy Thanksgiving."
~Angel Hugs~ Joyce ^O^
16 November 2006 - West Seneca, NY USA
Hazel |
You are doing great.Prayers.Hazel
16 November 2006 - Caldwell Ohio USA
Hazel |
Thanks for the cute messages.Sure hope you are feeling great.Prayers.Hazel
15 November 2006 - Caldwell Ohio USA
Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Dearest Kathryn: Beautiful poetry, graphics and music. God Bless You!
~Angel Hugs~ Joyce ^O^
14 November 2006 - West Seneca, NY USA
Shy | |
Dear Kathryn,
Well, I finally made it back, sorry it has taken me so long. Your pages are just wonderful as always. Can't get enough of your beautiful website. Keep those pages coming, you are so very talented and gifted......Take care and God bless,
Love ya, Shy
13 November 2006 - N C
Ann Marie
Dearest Kathryn, I am always so happy to see your Site come up on my inbox. You have such a special way of making folks feel happy. I dearly loved your words & graphics today. Those dear little babies were soooo adorable. You are a blessing and you are correct, "The Earth Laughs In Flowers"
9 November 2006 - Alabama, USA
Theresa |
I usually don't sign guest books
but I wanted to say how much I enjoy
all your most beautiful greeting and
all the wonderful messages that go's
with them.
I also want to tell you that you are in
my prayers and hope that you well be feeling better soon.
8 November 2006 - BC, Canada
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for your "Sun and Laughter" page, or "The Earth Laughs In Flowers". I love the set you designed for that apge it is beautifully done and the verse is just lovely. The music is really "bouncy", makes you want to get up an dance or something although I'm not sure if that is a good idea first thing in the morning.

I am so sorry to read that you are having such a difficult time with your depression, it really is awful when things get you down like that. I know how sometimes you just don't want the world to know you and you don't want to know the world, and it can take so long to recover. I will keep you in my prayers my friend so that you can heal and get to feel better. Don't worry about being behind with mails, anyone who knows you and is a friend will understand so no one is about judge you for not sending an e-mail.

Also sad news about Karen and I will visit her site and leave her a message. Sometimes it seems that everything happens at once.

Keeping my prayers for you both....God bless.

8 November 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Lynn |
Dearest Kathryn,
You have a beautiful sight also I for got to put that in your guest book.
I love your sight.
Love Lynn
8 November 2006 - Bristol,VT.

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