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Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |
Hi Kathryn,

Things have not been that good around here, my Mother in Law is back in hospital again and I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with things, so apologies for being so long in getting here.

Sorry to hear you had computer problems but it’s good that you now have it back up and running again. I’m sure you missed being able to get on and do things.

Started with your page “Hey Girlfriend” (I feel left out –smile) and working my way through all your pages sent since. Loved the thought behind “Wonderful Friend”. Each day is precious and we shouldn’t forget our friends for one of those days. I think all of us get “sucked” into our computers and need some “Help” at times. They often have a mind of their very own I am sure. OK, Just as you asked I am sending something back, but it is in this Guest Book.

Great pages, not only the ones you made which are always bright and wonderful, but also the ones that you send out from your friends sites. I have had a couple of visitors say they have come to visit after being at your site so thank you for that.

Take care my friend.


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27 February 2007 - Brisbane, Australia
Angel |
I just love your site! It is beautiful. Continue to keep us elated with such wonderful poetry with so much meaning. God bless you and yours!
26 February 2007 - North Carolina
Shy | |
Dear Kathryn,
I have missed being online and seeing your beautiful pages each day. I am doing much better and finally got a PC back up and running. My little Grand daughter preemie has finally gone home. She is 3 months old now and still a tiny baby, but doing well. Thank you for sharing your new pages with me, I always look forward to me visits.

God bless you, take care, Love ya, Shy
26 February 2007 - North Carolina
Jacquie | |
I love when I get your work. Everything and I mean everything is so good. The art,the music the everything!! Please keep up the great work.
26 February 2007 - USA
nikki |
Loved all the pages today!Thank you for sharing !Have a wonderful day!
26 February 2007 - ca
Tina |

You have touched my heart beyond measure! The poem you wrote for me was sooooo special!! I can not even begin to tell you what it means to me to have a friend who truly hears my heart! That is so special! It is an answer to my prayers! All the things I prayed for in a friend for all these years, I have found in you! I treasure you so much! You give my heart a lift, girl! You can even be a little tough with me when I need it. lol Just like the other night when you sent out my poem, "You Raise Me Up". That is exactly what I needed to do. The prayers went up on my behalf and I asked God to help me rise above my pain and sorrow. He is soooo faithful and is always there when we call on Him! He saw my heart underneath the pain and I surrendered my will to Him and like the sunflower, I looked up to the "Son", past the clouds of sorrow and reached to Him and He was there! His peace came flooding down on me. How wonderful to know we can give our battles to Him and He will fight them for us! How wonderful to know that even when we face our most trying times in life, like loosing my precious mom, that even then I can rise above the pain and sorrow and find peace to go on in His plan for our lives!s raining here in california.Thank you for bringing some sunshine to my life!:)
22 February 2007 - ca
Beulah Marie Starr |
Just read 'CRYSTAL LACE' what a beautiful work of art!! Kathryn, you are an AWESOME POET.
4 January 2007 - Burlington, Iowa USA
karen | |
Dear Kathyrn,
Thank You for the loving tribute to Tina's Mom~~~~beautifully written and so meaningful who all who know Tina, and through her, her wonderful Mom...
God Bless and remember...........
U R Loved
Tina | |
Hi Kathryn!

I love your new pages! Lots of wisdom we can learn from the sunflower to keep our eyes on the "Son". I also loved the humor in your New Years resolution page. lol It brought a smile to my face. Thanks for adding my pages to your letters as well!! I love you sooooooo much and I am thankful for your love and friendship to me! I will always cherish your friendship, Girl! :)

Love ya!!
3 January 2007 - TX
Ann Marie
Dearest Kathryn, I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading all of the poetry from your site this past year. Some of them made me sigh, some brought a tear to my eye but always..when I saw your Site Name on my inbox, I knew I was in for a joy ride. God has given you a very special talent & I hope you will continue to bring joy to Him and your readers in this coming year. I also want to thank you for sharing Karens poetry. You both make a delightful team. God Bless.
1 January 2007 - Alabama, USA
Tina | |
Happy New Year, my friend!! I hope you have a great year!

Love ya!
1 January 2007 - TX
Nelda Baker |
Your site is just awsome.Keep up the great work.
1 January 2007 - Anacoco,Louisiana
Mrs. Christine Banks
I throughly enjoyed your website. Wish you a happy and peaceful new year. God Bless
31 December 2006 - USA
Joyce Ann Geyer | |
Dearest Kathryn: Your pages are always uplifting. I enjoy them. May God Bless you and yours with many Blessings throughout the New Year 2007.
~Angel Hugs~ Joyce ^O^

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30 December 2006 - West Seneca, NY USA
Jean Jordan |
Thank you so much for your new years blessing.May God bless you for the word you bring to the web.You will probably never know how many hearts that you touch with your lovely poems.Have a wonderful new year.
love in Christ Jean
30 December 2006 - Indianapolis IN.
25 December 2006 - SPRINGFIELD, IL
Doris Fuller | |
Howdy Kathryn,
I stopped in to wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with the blessings of love, peace & happiness from Our Lord.
May your 2007 be a GREAT year. Love * Hugs
22 December 2006 - Fort Worth Texas USA
Tina | |
Hello my dear friend! What a joy it was reading all of your beautiful pages you sent out. I always enjoy your pages. Thanks for the love you put into each one! Thank you to for your precious friendship to me! I always feel your love for me and know you are always there for me. I just can't tell you how much that means to me! I am so thankful for you my dear friend!!

Love you so much!
22 December 2006 - TX
Shirley |
I really enjoyed your web site. I hope you and your family have a very nice Christmas and New Years.
21 December 2006 - Toledo, Ohio
21 December 2006 - NORTH CAROLINA

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